Dispatch kills The Other Paper

This blows!

The Other Paper’s final issue will come out January 31, 2012. (via Donewaiting)

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise. When the Dispatch bought The Other Paper last year, it was pretty apparent that they did so in order to squash the Alive’s competition. In their press release, the Dispatch says it in a way that doesn’t make them look like the bad guys … 

“In viewing the research of who reads the two publications, and after hearing from the local advertising community, it became more and more obvious that one publication would better serve our readers and advertisers,” said Michael Fiorile, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Dispatch Printing Co.

On the surface, this makes sense but as anybody who picks up the two papers every week will note, Alive never takes on any in-depth news stories - it’s a fluffy arts-and-entertainment paper where you can find out important information like which bar serves the coldest beer in Columbus.

R.I.P. The Other Paper. Your voice will be missed in Columbus.